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Meet the Mates

October 28, 2011

Our 19″ 4U Low Noise Mixer series is expanding.

As we have just started shipping Inmate and Inmate USB, now
Roommate is all lined up and ready to serve!

Roommate is a 4 Zone Stereo Matrix Mixer concept, Meaning that A Day to Remember tour
any of the 6 Stereo Input channels can be freely routed to any of
The 4 Stereo Zone Outputs.

Connect and Control up to 3 Microphones and 11 Stereo line Sources, like CD Players, Radio, Satellite- and Cable- receivers etc.
As a bonus the additional Dual USB connections enable a 2-channel Stereo Audio feed from or to a MAC or PC.

The Zone selection buttons, Stereo/Mono switch and Input and Output level rotary are slightly recessed, so that they can be manipulated by accident. It is even possible to completely hide the output level controls, with an extra blind that is supplied.

Cheers Mate