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NewHank MP103MK2 USB is the perfect updated solution for the playback of WAV and MP3 files from CD, CDR, CDRW and USB media. Pitch control with pitch bend, master tempo, seamless looping and 40 seconds shock memory.
Improved USB player for WAV and MP3 as you can now play one file and search and cue the next one..

  • Slot in mechanism with Sanyo Laser
  • +/- 20% rotary pitch control encoder, push to return to zero
  • +/- 25% Pitch bend
  • Auto Cue
  • Seamless Loop
  • Single and continuous mode
  • Repeat -1 track or -all tracks function
  • Stereo balanced XLR output
  • Stereo RCA output
  • SPDIF output
  • Stereo Headphone output
  • Remote start/stop connection
  • Easy to read large backlight LCD display
  • Smart push style rotary encoder for fast folder and track search with return button
  • Support both folders and ID3 tags, max 99 folders / 999 tracks /16Gb
  • Supplied with infra red remote control
  • 2 years warranty

EAN Code: 8718868408129

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Sample frequency: 44.1Khz
Over Sampling; 8x
Frequency response: 20-20.000Hz
Channel separation: >90dB
Signal to noise ratio: 96dB
THD: >0.01%
Dynamic range: >98dB
Signal Output: 800mV
Power Consumption: 100-240 Vac 9-16Watt
Dimensions: 483 x 220 x 44 mm
Package Dimensions: 550 x 335 x 670 mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Package Weight: 18.6kg
Unit per Package: 5pc
Supplied with RCA lead, Remote control
(2x AAA battery not included) and IEC power cable

Q: How to make a play list on a USB Stick ?
A: Rule: First file copied = First file played

To copy multiple tracks at the same time, make a new folder on your computer and fill this up with tracks. Give each track a number.
For example:
Etc.. when finished, copy the whole folder to your USB Stick.
Now your MP103 will play the files by this sequence.

Q: Now what, If you are planning to copy multiple folders to the USB Stick ?
A: Make a list of folders on your computer and remember the steps and rule above.

First fill the folder with mp3 files and next copy to the USB Stick.
Now your MP103 will play the folders by this sequence.
Be advised to only copy your folders 1 by 1.

Q: How to connect remote start stop ?
A: you need a 3.5mm connector, momentarily connect tip to ground for start and ring to ground for stop

Q: when you put the stick inside the MP103 it will not play only show track title ?
A: you need to push the withe dial right side from the display

Q: Can it play sample rate higher than 44.1 Khz .wav format ?
A: no, you cannot